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baking cup is a must in every person's life

Author : Date : 2016-5-30 9:57:23
 Water is a must in every person's life. So when you buy bottled water from a supermarket, you don't have any sense of guilt. Do they really have a good recovery, but when the body the necessary water packed in bottles, in the process made how much carbon dioxide, how much energy consumption, the most important is the disposable pet bottles of the how to do? Or has been thrown into an unknown corner, has become the environment will never disappear?

On this issue, the American designer LuigiRausch came up with a use of "paper" do bottle design, hope to replace the existing PET bottled water, "disposable plastic garbage" is used to reduce the number. But perhaps we would like to ask, breakfast shop, super business, beverage shop is not often used to do the paper cups to do when the container? Why do you want to design a new paper bottle?

Whether it is often said that the "beverage cup", or "lunch box", although their body is made of paper, but to waterproof and oil proof will in coated a layer of polyethylene (PE) lamination. Also because the steps to make everyone mouth paper tableware, during recovery to first undergo a separation procedure treatment, unlike general paper recycling, so can not be used as paper waste to deal with. In addition, if the direct buried it, but also because of the thin film that it cannot be decomposed by microorganisms. Designer LuigiRausch decided by natural "beeswax" instead of the lamination layer function, make the paper bottle can achieve waterproof effect, also can be in finally buried stage was completely decomposed, let all belong to dust. And "beeswax" this material is not what the latest technology, but the known history of human processing in the oldest waterproof technology, just after treatment of modern science and technology, beeswax can be hypoallergenic and antibacterial material. Designer also said bottle made of beeswax, can by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to certification, there is no doubt in health and safety. As for maintaining the strength of the bottle, designers use corrugated concept, in addition to outside on a smooth surface, in the middle also caught in the layer of the wavy paper core, so way paper water bottle can also into the bag, to avoid pressure on the explosion happened. As for the problem of leakage often occurs in the cups, designers also hope to be able to have continuous experiment, find the best way of making.

At present, the paper water bottle is still in the concept stage, but with the progress of science and technology may be able to evolve into a more ideal good design.

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