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Pulp and paper industry to realize construction of beautiful China

Author : Date : 2013-3-22 15:12:34
 Papermaking industry such as wood, bamboo, reed, a native plant fiber and regenerated fibre such as waste paper as raw material, can partly replace non-renewable resources such as plastic, steel, non-ferrous metals, is our country national economy important industry has the characteristics of the sustainable development. Papermaking industry with low carbon, green and renewable development potential, in the development of the global economy still has strong vitality and development prospects. It was in 2007, the national development and reform commission issued "paper industry development policy" depicted in the papermaking industry, is also in line with the party's the eighteenth big industry for the construction of ecological civilization.
Role transformation, from paper to a net importer of China became a net exporter.
, 110 million tons of paper production in China rank first in the world.
Obvious advantages, it has the world's most advanced papermaking equipment.
These sounds can cheer for achievement, for pulp and paper industry now has become the past "clouds". Now, in the heart of the papermaking industry "green complex", that is out of another name for "pollution" awkward situation, hold on to "green water castle peak", the construction of China's beauty.
Pulp and paper industry needs to "toy story"
"Implement the development strategy of 'green paper', while bigger and stronger enterprise, leaving future generations shamrock, self-identify, water net better homes." After the eighteenth big puts forward ecological civilization construction, large paper mills are feeling the great responsibility, all made a commitment to the society.
Actually, protect the ecological environment is not strange for a large paper mills, and every time I talk about can. Because large paper-making enterprises in recent years are physically with green commitments, through the introduction of world-class paper machine equipment, eliminate backward production capacity, basic realized the clean production and water closed cycle use.
However, large-scale paper mills "green battle" for green development of papermaking industry slightly thin and industry pollution problem is still serious. As vice director of China light industry information center, the all-china federation of industry and paper industry chamber of commerce independent supervisors Guo Yongxin said: "regardless of the papermaking industry recognition and deny, the data is there. In spite of the large paper mills in China do well, but our country paper industry output value accounted for 0.9% of the gross value of industrial output, COD (chemical oxygen demand) emissions accounted for 35%, less than 1% of the GDP contribution has occupied 35% of the COD emissions. In particular, the traditional straw projects, pollution emissions more than the processing difficulty is big, affects the Chinese paper industry from big to strong."
From the eighteenth congress report read separately for the construction of ecological civilization, it can be seen that the emphasis on ecological environment protection in our country. As the national environmental pressure increasing, the state will inevitably force the COD discharge in paper industry in China. Guo Yongxin that COD emissions to control within 10%. He to the traditional battery industry from 2011 countries see in green storm: traditional battery industry 1960 enterprises, closed within a year 1700, with only 260, industry development is in good condition now. And pulp and paper industry is also head hang the sword of Damocles, enterprise widespread close is possible.
The present paper industry should be how to change? Guo Yongxin thinks, it is the strict environmental standards, the mass closure of unqualified enterprises; 2 it is the revolutionary technology, greatly reduce pollutant emissions. Paper companies who take environmental technology revolutionary will stand out from the crowd.
Subtraction of the green paper mills
2011 national paper and paper products industry to complete the gross value of industrial output 1.233593 trillion yuan, up 25.63% from a year earlier. , according to data from the national bureau of statistics of papermaking enterprises above designated size has more than 86, accounting for 3.6% of the pulp and paper industry enterprises, the production output has accounted for nearly 40%. Percentage points behind the disparity is didn't get the reasonable utilization of resources, small paper mill's environmental problems is the industry over the "clouds". Data show that even now reduced to 1000, over 2400 paper-making enterprises in our country people's life also won't have too big effect.
Guo Yongxin tells a reporter, it is only through the mandatory administrative measures to close down backward production capacity, and the evolution of the market mechanism, reduce the number, improve industrial concentration, enhance the advantage of enterprise international market pricing power, is beneficial to relieve the tense problem of excess production capacity, resources, promote the sustainable development of the industry. "11th five-year plan" period, our country increase the intensity of the elimination of backward small businesses, eliminate backward production capacity of more than 1000 ten thousand tons; In 2012, the state ministry of industry and information technology has released two batches of eliminating backward production capacity, will eliminate 640 behind the papermaking enterprises.
Transformation or expansion? Is now facing the small paper mills a difficult choice. And worries Guo Yongxin more is, as countries continue to improve the paper's barriers to entry, some small companies to avoid being shut down, is gearing up to expand the scale of production. Problem is the enterprise expansion speed can not catch up with the national policy change? Was just promoted to annual output of 50000 tons production line today, policy to close below 100000 tons of paper mills, money nature is nowhere. Small paper mills there are investment risks, not realistic problems in the investment is bound to be eliminated. However, even so, the enterprise still not voluntarily, I prefer to take risks.
"In fuyang, zhejiang province, the white paper board, fuyang in 2004 white paper board base paper mills, 500, 260 left in the last year. Now, zhejiang strict standard constantly, require small businesses into the industrial park, economic development zone, centralized management, it also means that the increase in the cost of enterprises, industrial park area is limited, some enterprises will be eliminated." Guo Yongxin with a real example to prove the industry backward production capacity, production concentration is an inevitable trend.
For papermaking enterprises on the basis of excess capacity still on the ground project, Guo Yongxin believes that this is the "growing pains" of the industry, as a child is long, if it hurts calcium deficiency. Industry at the time of rapid development, paper mills will project on the ground in order to achieve economies of scale. But they don't have to worry about, because excess capacity, capacity, industry construction speed will match the market growth speed slowly. Market evolution and eliminate backward production capacity to enforce policy of the country, will prompt healthy development of the industry, when enterprises lose the day of the "flesh", also is our country become the power of papermaking

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