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Paper tableware national standard implementation were mixed in a year

Author : Date : 2013-6-13 15:19:05
 June 1 this year, three national standard "paper" paper products (GB/T 27590-2011), "the paper bowl" (GB/T 27591-2011), and the paper boxes (GB/T 27589-2011) implementation in whole week.
Food packaging paper products as people daily life indispensable disposable food packaging, more and more get the favour of consumers. With the release and implementation of new standards, the media and consumers begin to pay attention to paper cups paper products such as health and safety issues. So, at present our country to the quality of the food wrapping paper, how? Paper cups, paper bowl, paper boxes, three national standards implementation throughout the year and how? International food packaging association to solve these problems, a total of 16 Beijing, guangdong, Shanghai, Hong Kong and in the large supermarket sales of various brands of instant noodles, vermicelli and other food paper bowl, paper cups for a month of investigation, and released by standard implementation of the first anniversary of the investigation report.
Paper cups printing white space situation has changed
Investigation, according to a report today, the supermarket and disposable paper cups products sold on markets of most change has printing, in accordance with the "cup" national standards required by the "within 15 mm from the bowl at the top, bottom cup within 10 mm should not be printing" in the top and the bottom of white space. In addition, with paper cup for milk tea, brands such as superiorly happy beauty, nor shall be carried out in accordance with the national standards or the print space, and inner layer and outer layer of milk tea cup all use food grade paper.
The results from December 20, 2012 in Beijing international food packaging association published paper tableware quality tracking report tested 9 28 cups, tea cups samples not in national standard requires the location of the printing have big improvement compared to the overall results. International food packaging association vice President and secretary general dong jinshi in accept the China news publishing news reporter said in an interview, "cup" national standards for formal implementation over the past year, paper industry in the execution of the new standard has the very big improvement and progress, the quality of paper cups is more security, consumers can purchase and use disposable paper cups products more safely.
The instant noodles paper bowl outer paper still needs to be improved
The international food packaging association of Beijing, guangdong, Shanghai three regional sales li riceses leave were investigated. In surveyed 20 brands of convenience food in double layer paper packaging, only unity, doll face, taste, farmers heart 4 brand packaging paper bowl after uv light irradiation in natural white light, do not contain fluorescent substances. Compared to a 2012 survey, currently on the market sales of paper bowl of instant noodles is also improved.
souffle cup is souffle cup machine
Li riceses leave, however, belongs to food packaging, outer paper direct contact with the people, security is related to the health of human body, therefore, dong jinshi proposal, and no change of instant noodles, paper bowl of outer paper enterprises, for the sake of the health concerns of consumers, it is best to change outer paper for food grade paper.
Besides li riceses leave outer paper problem, the outermost layer of light oil has also been a li riceses leave existing health concerns. Light oil is with function of polish, toning, isolation. In terms of materials can be divided into natural, synthetic, and wax, etc. Different species. Different kinds of light oil have different USES. Li riceses leave the outermost layer of light oil is mainly to avoid ink direct contact with human body. Paper bowl, paper cups in the process of production and sales in order to save space, often to a specific number of products stack stack before packaging, that is to say, the outer layer of the product with another product of the inner layer, in addition to the production and use without contact, contact most of the time together. Cardboard or finished products can stack together, can direct pollution to the inside of another product. But it is understood that now noticed that the light oil security problems and can achieve food grade safe little paper bowl of enterprises.
Standard leading enterprise self-discipline is complementary
According to paper bowl of light oil problem, dong jinshi advice, relevant national standards department should produce food grade standard light oil, light oil of health, physical and chemical indicators of specific performance requirements and qualified, in order to solve the food packaging can be depended on without the mark to run out of oil.
In light there is no food grade oil under the condition of national standard and industry standard, dong jinshi thinks, shall, according to the standardization law of the People's Republic of China in "products have no national standards and industry standards and enterprise standards shall be drawn up," as the basis of production rules, light oil production enterprises should formulate enterprise standard, light oil components, health indicators are required, and for the record to the local administrative department of public health, for the record the rear light oil can be successfully used in the production of food grade packaging.
Li riceses leave outer paper security issues by the same token, the manufacturing enterprises at the same time of strictly the quality pass, to ensure the health and safety of products, need to formulate relevant enterprise standards. Enterprise want to monitor the source of the base paper, the raw materials are used to conform to the requirements of the food-grade, and make strict rules in case of migration.
National standard "paper bowl" is not yet perfect, for the definition and the printing paper bowl no requirement, therefore, dong jinshi suggested that establishing national standard sector should be perfected as soon as possible, to increase the definition of "paper bowl", especially to define li riceses leave, make its have standard can depend on; The printing position of paper bowl requirement, in order to reduce consumer directly absorb ink and light oil pose a threat to health.
In addition, dong jinshi, called for "the cups" (GB/T 27590-2011) "paper bowl" (GB/T 27591-2011), and the paper boxes (GB/T 27589-2011) three national standards should rise as soon as possible to be mandatory, repealed, for the industry standard specification paper tableware industry, completely solve the current industry standards, no standard can depend on, even some standard not mess. And production enterprise, the food packing base paper health standard "(GB 11680-1989) as paper products standards, because the paper standard applies only to shapeless paper, paper cups, paper bowl and other FRP products shall implement the relevant product standard.

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