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Food packaging safety and a big warning barbecue with tin foil is toxic

Author : Date : 2013-1-2 11:58:48
 Yesterday, the international food packaging association issued "in 2013, the Chinese food packaging safety and large consumer warning", among them, the consumer to love to eat barbecue the use of tin foil, has become a threat to the health of the potential killer.
The international food packaging association secretary general dong golden lion introduction, aluminium foil or aluminum foil used to package ingredients barbecue, to prevent meat scorched. But tinfoil composition is mainly lead tin alloy, tin foil of lead content as high as 50%, surface can also generate toxic white lead and lead hydroxide, burnt generated yellow yellow lead (litharge) is also toxic compounds. These toxic particles with the heat flow floats in the air, the group of people around suction respiratory and deposition in the lung. Chronic lead poisoning can make the person appear melancholy, anemia, kidney disease, sterility, the symptom such as abortion.
"According to the gb" refined aluminum foil "regulation: used in food packaging refined with aluminum foil the poisonous elements should comply with the specified below, lead: no more than 0.01%, cadmium: no more than 0.01%, arsenic: no more than 0.01%," dong golden lion said, although aluminium foil high brightness looks good, such as for barbecue to had better choose aluminum foil paper, and the lead should comply with the national standard.
Dong golden lion is introduced, the use of tin foil or aluminum foil should pay attention to, if the ingredients added sauce or lemon, contain acid material wrapping paper and aluminum foil paper tin, aluminum precipitation, easy to be absorbed by human body into food, can cause the edible tin, aluminum poisoning. Tin can stimulate intestines and stomach, aluminum can lead to dementia. If kidney people get too much aluminum, can appear anemia.
Advise people doing baked food, if you want to use aluminium foil or aluminum foil paper parcel ingredients, don't add sauce or lemon. Can convert white cabbage leaf, corn leaf instead of aluminium foil or aluminum foil paper, or water from water bamboo, shell, vegetables leaf when bottom, so that not only clean, healthy eating, and taste delicious.
Add: 12 big consumer warning
Small straw save big problem, the color brilliant gone to be careful
Cap body hidden trouble, quality and safety no one catch
Cans, bags of milk bacteria ink hidden trouble, quality and safety of the environmental protection should work along both lines
Excessive packing phenomenon flood, can't can depend on is the key problem
The difference between aluminum foil, improper use very terrible
Paper tableware printing is not standard, being good save hidden trouble
Break steel pot to ask how, stainless steel difference in where
Quantitative packaging not quantitative, consumer rights without security
Liquor plasticizer source is unknown, lack of standard supervision difficult to implement
Fruit and vegetable tape labels save worry, disorderly stick abusage toxic to sorrow
Ultra-thin plastic bags have new regulation, thickness less than 0.015 mm can't use
Packing label new gauge constantly, the choose and buy improper or save hidden trouble

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